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Chocolate is a food made from cocoa. This popular and energetic food is simply made from a combination of milk, sugar, cocoa butter and cocoa powder in metallic proportions. For more information about Chocolate bulk price, visit our site.

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buy Chocolate bulk price

Chocolate bulk buying guide

Chocolate bulk buying guide Production and consumption of chocolate in Iran, like many countries, has little history. The first chocolate factory in Iran was launched in 1324 (solar) by our group. The product of this factory for a while was only candy and toffee for children. This factory and many subsequent factories gradually expanded their scope to produce other types of products. In recent decades, these companies have turned to the production of bar chocolates and canned bites.

Today, they produce toffee, caramel, cocoa cream, carolin and tarafel, and nutty, fancy, dark and light chocolates in various shapes with appropriate packaging. These companies have advanced technology in the use of cocoa beans, and some of them have been selected as sample producers or exporters in recent years and have also received bonuses.

Today, there are about a thousand industrial units with an annual production capacity of nearly ten million tons of sweets and chocolates in Iran; But their production volume is about 50% of their capacity and about 20% of what they produce is exported. The export of Iranian chocolate has increased significantly in the 1380s. On average, about 50 cocoa beans are encased in a white pod in each fruit of this plant. When ripe, the cocoa fruit turns orange. At this stage, workers cut the fruit with a suitable knife. It is interesting to know that the seeds in the plant are collected by hand because the machines may damage them.

The collected seeds are spread on a fermentation tray and placed in the leaves of a banana tree for two to seven days for fermentation. Fermentation operations create flavor and aroma, prevent germination and eliminate white dough in chocolate beans. In the process of fermenting white dough, which contains sugar and some microorganisms (such as yeasts), the taste and aroma of chocolate beans are improved.

The cocoa tree grows in countries with subtropical climates such as Ghana. This tree can produce cocoa pods when it is five years old. Each tree produces about 40 fruits at a time. These fruits are fully mature and ready to be harvested after six months. For more information about Chocolate bulk buy, visit our site.

Chocolate at bulk price in 2021

Chocolate at bulk price in 2021 Chocolate at bulk price in 2021 is associated with fluctuations and that is the reason for the price of global currencies, but our collection delivers this product to the customer at a good price.

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