Bulk buy chocolate bars cheap

You can buy bulk bar chocolate cheap at 3000 grams and 1000 grams directly from the country of production. With the explanation that this product can be provided extremely cheap and high quality.

Bulk buy chocolate bars

Bulk buy chocolate bar

You can buy bulk board chocolates from Berkaman Trading. Our bar chocolates in 12 kg cartons, which have 4 separate boards of 3 kg, are of the best quality in 3 types: dark, milk and white.
Many manufacturers of cakes and pastries and even some breads have a great need to use a variety of chocolate bars that can come to us to prepare the best for their collection.

Manufacturer of chocolate

Communication and bulk purchase of chocolate maker is very important for activists in the chocolate wholesale market or even producers active in the food industry.
Therefore, as a manufacturer of bar chocolate, we raise the issue that customers of this product can spend many years with us to supply bar chocolate for their collection without worries.

Export of milk chocolate

Export of milk chocolate

We export 1 and 3 kg bar chocolate, which is one of the most widely used chocolates in production, with the best quality in terms of raw materials, especially cocoa powder, after production to different countries.
Export sales of milk chocolates can be very important for our collection because the volume of orders for this product is increasing daily due to its various uses.

Custom production of chocolate bars

Custom production of chocolate bar

Custom production of chocolate bars in different qualities from 1 kg to 3 kg for each board, of course, in large quantities, you can order the chocolates you need, which are dark, milky and white, and even with fruit flavors. Order it for production.
We can provide the customers of Fantry chocolates with these places to produce our advertising items in the form of inserts on the chocolates, such as business cards or a variety of models that can be done, of course, the amount of order must be major.

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